Global Warming Updates April 30, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 30 April

1.   Cheating Favors Extinction, Yeast Study Finds: Feedback Between Population and Evolutionary Dynamics

2.   Biologists Propose a New Research Roadmap for Connecting Genes to Ecology

3.   Environmental Labels May Discourage Conservatives from Buying Energy-Efficient Products

4.   Canada’s Distinctive Tuya Volcanoes Reveal Glacial, Palaeo-Climate Secrets

5.   Exploring the Saltiness of the Ocean to Study Climate Change

6.   Lake Found in Sierra Nevada With the Oldest Remains of Atmospheric Contamination in Southern Europe

7.   DECC estimates 2% rise in CO2 emissions in fourth quarter 2012

8.   Plants to offer minor dimming effect as climate warms: Nature

9.   Coal investors face risks as world cuts emissions

10.                     Rich countries blamed for setting climate talks ‘back a decade’

11.                     China leads in climate change’s ‘critical decade’|NSNS|2012-GLOBAL|climate-change

12.                    Least Developed Countries call for immediate action on Climate Change

13.                     Philippines joins world climate talks to drive climate action now

14.                     Extended Range Electric & Hybrid Cars that Reduce Environmental Impacts

15.                    Leave It in the Ground, Climate Activists Demand

16.                     Adapt faster to changing climate, Europe warned

17.                     EU uncertainty likely to affect global carbon markets

18.                     Australian businesses ignoring climate change

19.                     UAE to invest £1bn in UK green energy fund – report


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