Global Warming Updates April 7,2014

Climate Changes Updates April 7, 2014

1.            Study: Fox News botches climate-change coverage

2.            Fund to tackle climate change

3.            NBC Hits Home On Climate Change Special

4.            Balancing climate change

5.            Climate change, coral reefs, deforestation and dengue

6.            Butterfly Becomes Fastest Of Its Kind To Adapt To Climate Change

7.            Tyler News Director Goes on Rant about Climate Change, Calls Global Warming “Laughable”

8.            Defining moments in climate change: hope and crisis in Copenhagen

9.            Climate change is here, now. Will the world act?

10.       The Other Side of Climate Change

11.       UN panel calls for climate change ‘enlightenment’

12.                Tuesday, April 8, 2014: Free speech, elvers, climate change, UMaine cuts

13.       IPCC report: Climate change and the things people care about

14.       Leaked IPCC climate plan to worsen global warming – ecologists

15.       Showtime Series Aims to Engage Sleepy Public on Global Warming With Celebrity Guides

16.       Obama administration pressuring UN on global warming reports

17.       Liberal study: CNN misled on global warming coverage because it allowed debate

18.                Global Warming Missing Financial Incentive

19.                Slowdown of global warming fleeting

20.       Media indoctrinates on global warming

21.                Global warming gets another testimonial

22.       Backers of 340-hectare casino near Barrier Reef deny environment impact

23.       IPCC blasts newspaper as ‘completely misleading’

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