Global Warming Updates April 8,2014

Climate Changes Updates April 8, 2014

1. UN finding on climate change is just a bunch of hot air, new report claims

2. Fox News 28 percent accurate on climate change

3. The New Politics Of Climate Change: No Space For Deniers

  1. ‘Sharknado 2’ tackles climate change on and off screen,0,104787.story#ixzz2yMXEHQRP

5. Are CEOs Ready for Climate Change?

6. Climate change conversation gets boost from expert speaker network

7. Climate change, coral reefs, deforestation and dengue

8. Philippine experts divided over climate change action

9. Cross-country climate change march stops in Phoenix

10.           Denial about climate change hurts Indiana

11.      Can We Please Stop Talking About Al Gore

12.           Editorial: Ho-hum. Climate change is bad and getting worse

13.           Climate change & ‘the afterlife’

14.           Dem Rep. Lambasts GOP on Climate Change: ‘Science Does Not Exist on Capitol Hill’

15.           Global Warming Scare Tactics

16.           How taking the ‘perma’ out of permafrost could accelerate global warming

17.           Global warming: March update

18.                        Global Warming Science Often Misreported

19.           Sessions slams EPA air chief for trying to hide global warming claims

20.           Slowdown of global warming fleeting

21.           Climate ‘consensus’: Is carbon dioxide the new cholesterol? (Mulshine)

22.         Gothenburg scientist in Nature: Climate models underestimate costs to future generations

23.         Climate action is ‘only way’ to grow economy – Unilever CEO


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