Global Warming Updates August 1-6 , 2013

Climate Changes Updates 1-6 August 2013

1)   What is the future for biodigesting?

2)   Alpine glaciers ‘protect mountain peaks from erosion’

3)   Rise in violence ‘linked to climate change’

4)   Desert ‘carbon farming’ to curb CO2

5)   Coal at Risk as Global Lenders Drop Financing on Climate

6)   Editorial: Turning the Tables; The Climate Exacts Its Revenge

7)   Editorial: Water agencies must prep for climate change

8)   Terry McAuliffe’s Green Billionaire Ally Is Wasting His Money

9)   Editorial: Balance coal’s export benefits with health concerns of citizens

  • Warsaw UN climate conference ‘will be safe’ says minister,Warsaw-UN-climate-conference-will-be-safe-says-minister

11)                     Study Questions Nature’s Ability to ‘Self-Correct’ Climate Change

12)                     Seafood Menus from Hawaii Reflect Long-Term Ocean Changes

13)                     Carbon Emissions to Impact Climate Beyond the Day After Tomorrow

14)                     Ozone-Protection Treaty Had Climate Benefits, Too, Study Says

15)                     Looking to the Past to Predict the Future of Climate Change

16)                     Global Investigation Reveals True Scale of Ocean Warming: Species Changing Breeding Times, Shifting Homes

17)                     Climate Science Boost With Tropical Aerosols Profile

18)                     More Accurate Model of Climate Change’s Effect On Soil

19)                     Cool Heads Likely Won’t Prevail in a Hotter, Wetter World: Climate Change Will Likely Exacerbate Violence

20)                     Climate Change Occurring Ten Times Faster Than at Any Time in Past 65 Million Years

21)                     As Climate, Disease Links Become Clearer, Study Highlights Need to Forecast Future Shifts

22)                     Extreme Wildfires in Western U.S. Likely Fueled by Climate Change

23)                     Aerial Pictures Reveal Climate Change


24)                     Brisbane winter weather warmer and drier than average

25)                     Solar energy plants get the green light

26)                     Big emissions cuts possible at home, study finds

27)                     California says no to linking emissions schemes

28)                     Unilever CSO: We want ‘active role’ in shaping future green policies–We-want–active-role–in-shaping-future-green-policies-/

29)                     Climate change strongly linked to rising violence, scientists say–scientists-say-/

30)                     Barclays energy efficiency measures cut CO2 emissions by 7%

31)                     Anthropogenic aerosols caused global temperature drop in 1950s

32)                     Insight: short-lived climate responses matter too

33)                     Evidence of Global Climate Change Found in Marine Breeding and Habitat Shifts

34)                     Marine ecosystems shifting in response to warming climate

35)                     Growth of Global Solar and Wind Energy Continues to Outpace Other Technologies

36)                     Survey: Fund managers increasingly wary of climate change threat

37)                     Young Republican voters won’t support climate denial, poll finds

38)                     Ignoring climate change is like driving on to a collapsed bridge

39)                     Toward Improved Discussions of Methane & Climate


40)                     Global warming could increase human conflict worldwide: study

41)                     New Zealand must plan to adapt: climate change report

  • Frustration grows at New Zealand’s climate change ‘coma’

  • Montreal Protocol may have prevented accelerated climate change –

  • Can Latin America’s leaders balance climate and growth?

  • Australia’s climate change laws

46)                     How Health Care Providers are Preparing for Climate Change

47)                     Will Climate Change Make Us More Violent?

48)                     Keystone Fails The President’s Environmental Impact Test

49)                     What can history tell us about species coping with climate change?

50)                     Decade of unprecedented extreme climate change



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