Global Warming Updates August 16-19 , 2013

Climate Changes Updates 16-19 August 2013

1)   Climate change to trigger frequent, severe heatwaves

2)   With the forthcoming IPCC report, the contrarians finally agree we are changing the climate

3)   Women Leaders from Pacific Participate in U.S. Program on Climate Change

4)   Experts surer of manmade global warming but local predictions elusive

5)   Climate leaks are ‘misleading’ says IPCC ahead of major report

6)   Is Bill McKibben Making the Climate Change Fight Harder?

7)   Cherry Point: ground zero in battle against climate change | Guest Column

8)   Flood insurance scheme overlooks climate change, warns LSE

9)   Molten Magma Can Survive in Upper Crust for Hundreds of Millennia

10)                     Microbial Team Turns Corn Stalks and Leaves Into Better Biofuel

11)                     Ringing the Changes: What Museum Specimens Reveal About Climate Change

12)                     TUI Travel saves £16m through environmental efficiencies

13)                     Heatwave regions set to double in size by 2020 as globe warms: study

14)                     New Zealand scales back 2020 carbon target

15)                     How much will climate change cost coastal cities?

16)                     West Antarctica warming during end of last ice age examined

17)                     New Zealand government lowers greenhouse gas emissions target

18)                     Seeing Earth as a beautiful calamity

19)                     Coastal flooding could cost $1 trillion by 2050, as Task Force warns to prepare for future storms

20)                     Chris Hayes to report on politics of power and global climate change

21)                     Climate change: forecast for 2100 is floods and heat … and it’s man’s fault…-and-its-mans-fault.html

  • Fracking live: UK protests as they happened

  • Flooding could cost US$1 trillion a year by 2050

  • RSPB warns fracking will blow UK climate targets

  • UN scientists 95% certain on causes of climate change

26)                     Contaminated Land Could Be a Source of Clean Energy

27)                     News



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