Global Warming Updates August 22 , 2013

Climate Changes Updates 22 August 2013

1)   Gore claims many Republicans growing weary of climate change ‘deniers’
2)   Most Americans don’t support warming-focused civil disobedience — poll


3)   The War Over Fracking Comes to the English Countryside


4)   Al Gore explains why he’s optimistic about stopping global warming


5)   House GOP Plans Mega-Hearing on Climate Change


6)   Climate change deniers live in ignorant bliss as seas keep rising,0,6254618.story


7)   Climate change major challenge for Pacific: Fijian official


8)   Get Ready For Food Prices To Go Way Up, Thanks To Climate Change


9)   Bloomberg: Why Sandy forced cities to take lead on climate change


10)                     U.S. Task Force Urges Climate Change Preparations


11)                     Scientists ‘95 per cent certain’ that climate change is man-made


12)                     Climate change and “environmental journalism”


13)                     Potential for Successful Climate Predictions: Hindcast Experiments Capture Long-Term Climate Fluctuations


14)                     Beetles Modify Emissions of Greenhouse Gases from Cow Pats


15)                     More Efficient and Economical Capture of Power Plant Carbon Dioxide Emissions


16)                     Scientists’ confidence increases in man’s influence on climate change,0,6382629.story#ixzz2cllfcVuR


17)                     Office efficiencies help CommonwealthBank hit CO2 target five months early


18)                     Hurricane enable: How climate change is mixing up bigger, badder storms


19)                     The next generation’s best and brightest take on climate change


  • Traffic and cooking account for 80% of China air pollution


21)                     Americans Don’t Care What Scientists Think About Climate Science


  • 4 shocking findings from the U.N’s latest climate change report


23)                     Are we nearing a climate politics tipping point? Al Gore is optimistic.


24)                     The Climate May Be Changing, but the IPCC Remains the Same




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