Global Warming Updates August 23-25 , 2013

Climate Change Updates August 23, 2013




Climate Changes Updates 23-25 August 2013

1)   Coastal wildlife species ‘at risk due to climate change’


2)   Dorking ‘green’ group in favour of fracking


3)    Can UN scientists revive drive against climate change?


4)   Fracking: The great debate


5)   How climate change worries have affected mental health of Sunderbans residents


6)   David Cameron must heed the experts, not the sceptics, on climate change


7)   Next week: Climate at your doorstep


8)   In key report, Ban outlines vision for ‘bold’ action to achieve MDGs, set future sustainable development agenda


9)   Coastal wildlife species ‘at risk due to climate change’


10)                     Tackling climate change may lessen Central African Republic conflict risks – scientists


11)                     Bloomberg: Why Sandy forced cities to take lead on climate change


12)                     Fukushima leak crisis worsens


13)                     Eco-warrior UAE pupil represents the region at UN assembly

14)                     Renewable energy study tips viable reality by 2030


15)                     Climate change killing harp seal pups


16)                     The long-term forecast for extreme weather


  • Adapting to climate change brings stability to war torn countries


18)                     A new approach to making climate treaties work, from research at Stanford and in Switzerland


19)                     New app helps navigate climate change impact

20)                     Google Earth Introduces Fish-Eye View of Coral Reefs


21)                      The toxic political debate of climate change


22)                     Environmental group hammers Ron Johnson again on climate change


23)                     Gore says climate change deniers melting away

24)                     Climate Change Battle Space Prep

25)                     Sunspots may not be linked to icy European winters after all

26)                     Lost in translation: confidence and certainty in climate science

27)                     Climate change looms as challenge for all parties


28)                     Warming waters to lift Europe electricity prices


29)                     Warming system monitors super solar storms


30)                     Species changing behavior for a warmer planet


31)                     Acidifying oceans will heat the planet more








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