Global Warming Updates August 27 , 2013

Climate Change Updates August 27, 2013





Climate Changes Updates 27 August 2013

1)   EPA chief warns against climate change on visit to Alaska glacier


2)   Changes underway at The Daily Climate


3)   Obama Climate Plan No War on Coal Says Energy Secretary


4)   Humans’ complicity in climate change can’t be ignored


5)   Climate change setting new farming patterns


6)   Will IPCC reclaim climate change agenda?


7)   Coastal erosion a ‘frightening’ climate change threat


8)   Group wants hurricanes named after politicians who “deny climate change”


  • Comment: COP19 must discuss losses caused by climate change


  • Ocean acidification could accelerate climate change, say scientists


  • Dung beetles reduce greenhouse gas emissions from cow pats


12)                     Israeli Researcher Creates Drought-Resistant ‘Superplants’


13)                     We’re already sick of climate change — and getting sicker


14)                     EPA chief warns against climate change on visit to Alaska glacier


15)                     Rising ocean acidity will exacerbate global warming


16)                     Can UN scientists revive drive against climate change?




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