Global Warming Updates August 28 , 2013

Climate Changes Updates 28 August 2013

1)   Climate Name Change aims to connect deniers to storms


2)   Climate change may make Greenland greener by 2100


3)   Poison Ivy Just Got Superpowers, Thanks to Climate Change


4)   Some marine life adapts to climate change


5)   Politicians have forgotten the ‘dry’ in dry tropics and the change in the climate


  • Comment: COP19 must discuss losses caused by climate change


7)   Aviva establishes robust methodology for measuring CO2 offsetting projects


8)   EXCLUSIVE: Digital technology will lead us to a green economy


9)   The era of climate change ‘denial’ is over


10)                     How human psychology is holding back climate change action


11)                     East Antarctic Ice Sheet Could Be More Vulnerable to Climate Change Than Previously Thought


12)                     Greener Greenland Predicted


13)                     Is Al Jazeera America Going to Change the Way Networks Cover Climate Change?


14)                     Talking about climate change? Not much.


15)                      Time for world to ‘get its act together’ on climate change, says EU


16)                     Climate change could turn Greenland green by 2100




Climate Change Updates August 28 & 29, 2013









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