Global Warming Updates August 30-31 , 2013

Climate Change Updates August 30, 2013







Climate Changes Updates 30-31 August 2013


1)     Monitor and Control Severe Drought With Analysis of Data from Chollian


2)     New Insights On Wildfire Smoke Could Improve Climate Change Models


3)     Sea-Level Rise Drives Shoreline Retreat in Hawaii


4)     Pacific sounds warning on climate change


5)     Global Warming Slowdown Data Sought in UN Climate Report


6)     Spotlight on climate change, disaster managment


7)     Lamar Smith, hold climate hearings in Texas


8)     Pacific sounds warning on climate change: Marshalls minister

Pacific sounds warning on climate change: Marshalls minister – Latest – New Straits Times


  • Pacific Islands to push for climate ambition at Majuro summit –


  • Aviation industry unlikely to agree emissions reduction deal until 2016


  • World’s top banks to penalise businesses that damage nature –


12)                        E.U.-China solar deal highlights tough climate for green jobs


  • Could humans cause another Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum?


14)                        Seabirds are Indicator Species for Climate Change


15)                        Climate change mitigation essential for even the most common species


16)Global warming…still happening


17)                        Green groups: Keystone XL to increase tar sands production by 36 per cent


18)                        Dirty snow adding heat to warming planet


19)                        Is fighting climate change bad news for biodiversity?




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