Global Warming Updates December 1, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 1 December 2013

1)   Obama: Millennials can contribute to climate change fix

2)   Global warming at work: how climate change affects the economy and labour

3)   Conservatives need to lead on climate change

4)   Premier, get serious about climate change

5)   Creationists and Climate Skeptics Unite

6)   Sports bigs step up on climate change

7)   Climate change: Severe food, water shortage on the horizon

8)   The unarguable reality of climate change


9)   Climate Change Killing Pacific Island Nation


  • Ogilvy Tapped For UN Climate Change Assignment

11)                    Clarifying the United Church of Christ’s climate change stance

12)                    Impacts of climate change on women

13)                    Sports bigs step up on climate change

14)                    Australia records its warmest spring


  • World Coal: UN climate chief Figueres ‘ignoring reality’



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