Global Warming Updates December 11, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 11 December 2013

1)   We’ve reached the Point Where Climate Change Deniers Need to Be Reminded That It Snows Every Year

2)   Why Aquariums Are Obsessed With Climate Change

3)   Pennsylvania Senate Confirms Environmental Chief Who Doubted ‘Adverse Impact’ Of Climate Change

4)   Climate change may worsen mold allergies

5)   The US and China must show leadership on climate change

6)   Harper government spent $331,389 on climate change rules that don’t yet exist

7)   Climate change blamed for Costa Rica’s national banana emergency

8)   The Worst Climate Change Misinformer In America Is On CNN

9)   What China’s Energy Trajectory Says About Climate Change

10)                     Follow Reagan’s lead and take action on climate change

11)                     Depressed? Climate change could be to blame

12)                     How Climate Change Could Affect Your Pension

13)                     Climate change is scaring the fish due to acidified oceans, study says

14)                     With climate change, Maryland state insect could be forced to move north



17)                     Local leaders planning for climate effects


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