Global Warming Updates December 15-16 2014

Climate Changes Updates 15-16  December  2014

1.     The renewable energy sector needs to commit to getting off subsidies

2.    Electric Cars a Mixed Bag For Health, Climate

3.    White House issues climate change guide for hospitals

4.    In Climate Talks, Soft is the New Hard – and That’s a Good Thing

5.    Bad News for Florida: Models of Greenland Ice Melting Could Be Way Off

6.   Lima deal leaves ominous climate questions

7.    Planetary climate pledge drive: Our view

8.    The new climate denialism: More carbon dioxide is a good thing

9.    A Plan to Limit Cars in Paris Collides With French Politics

10.                       In Navajo country, coal gives life — and takes it, some say

11.                        Keystone XL pipeline may no longer make economic sense, experts say

12.                       World Leaders Cobbled Together a Last-Minute Climate Deal in Peru. Here’s What Happens Next.

13.                       The framework for a new climate treaty had a difficult birth; it faces more stress next year

14.                       Nine lessons from the Lima climate talks

15.                       Late deal in Lima saves UN climate talks from collapse – See more at:

16.                      Lima Call for Climate Action – what was decided?

17.                       Kennedy Space Centre operations face growing climate threat – See more at:

18.                      Rising concern over invisible threat to Antarctic glaciers – See more at:

19.                      Five steps to saving Brazil’s Amazon rainforest

20.                       With $10bn banked, what next for the Green Climate Fund? – See more at:

21.                       Winners and losers at the UN’s Lima climate talks

22.                       Australia will respond to climate pressure – David Cameron – See more at:

23.                       Greenpeace promises to make amends for Nazca Lines stunt – See more at:

24.                       Emissions growth slows as economies clean up – research – See more at:

25.                       US-China chat broke impasse at Lima climate talks

26.                      Cheap coal poses climate and health dilemma for India – See more at:

27.                       Deadly Cholera Outbreaks Could Increase with Climate Change

28.              If You Don’t Accept That Climate Change Is Real, You’re Not a Skeptic. You’re a Denier.

29.                      US and India to announce joint climate change action during Obama visit

30.                       South African Brewer Tackles Climate Change

31.                        The danger of ideology-based newspaper coverage of climate change

32.                       Poor Countries Don’t Care About Climate Change

33.                       These Cities Might Be Seeing More Power Outages, Thanks To Climate Change

34.                       Why climate change is forcing some environmentalists to back nuclear power


36.                      Climate change will leave Christmas trees in hot water

37.                       The great Lima climate change shakedown

38.                      ThedaCare joins effort to prepare for climate change

39.                       Why politicians don’t fight climate change: Walkom

40.                      Earth’s Future? Ancient Warming Gives Ominous Peek at Climate Change

41.                       Top Democrat’s plan: Divest in coal to fight global warming

42.                                                Global warming 56 million years ago holds lessons for climate change today

43.                       Your all-electric car might be worsening global warming


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