Global Warming Updates December 17-18 2014

Climate Changes Updates 17-18  December  2014

  1. Flood, drought risks must be managed, with or without climate change

2.    Climate change could cut 18 percent of world food production by 2050

3.    Study: Climate change affecting fish movement

4.    Jeb Bush is no moderate and he won’t fight climate change

5.    Climate change pushing some fish to cooler waters

6.   EPA chief: Extreme weather boosting climate-change plan

7.    WH: Agencies should factor for climate change in project reviews

8.        City Blackouts Could Surge with Climate Change

9.   A soft coral may withstand climate change, study shows

10.                       Climate Change Poses Challenges to Wildlife

11.                       Lima: Climate Change Optimism Returns to Earth

12.                       Climate change: the Readers’ Choice winner

13.                        Jeb Bush may be ‘the smart brother’ – but he’s as much of a climate denier as any conservative

14.                       NHL defends ice in new push against climate change

15.                        Europe’s Record Heat Tied Directly to Climate Change

16.                       The People Have Spoken: This Is The Most Brazen Lie Of 2014

17.                        Squirrels and beavers contributing to global warming more than previously thought

18.                       7 Big Changes in the Arctic, Thanks to Global Warming, According to NOAA Report Card

19.                       Study: Beaver Dams Make Global Warming Worse

20.                       Hot 2014 Doesn’t Prove Manmade Global Warming Hysteria Right

21.                       Global-warming true believers are in denial

22.                      Letter – Wow, global warming fraud is massive

23.                       Letter – Letter denying ‘global warming’ draws comment


25.                       HBO’s Saving My Tomorrow Is Too Boring & Gloomy To Instill Global Warming Alarmism in Kids

26.                      Citing Health Risks, Cuomo Bans Fracking in New York State

27.                       Nevada regulators again reject tribal solar plant

28.                      Arctic still heating up twice as fast as rest of planet

29.                      China plans major slowdown of new coal-to-gas projects in bid to cut emissions

30.                       Anti-fracking activists cheer, but for some property owners, decision is ‘worst-case scenario’

31. New York fracking ban reverberates nationally

32.                       The climate is ripe for social change

33.                       Editorial: Fracking goes flat; region’s economy needs boost

34.                       Battle resumes over Clean Fuels Program

35.                       Front Yards Turn to Wetlands in Virginia as Climate Change Takes Toll

36.                       Our view: How to stop a pipeline

37.                        Deadly Cholera Outbreaks Could Increase with Climate Change


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