Global Warming Updates December 18, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 18 December 2013

1)   Reddit Science’s Ban on Climate Change Denial Posts Rears Its Head Again

2)   White House to get aggressive on climate change?

3)   Climate Change Threatens Retirement Savings

4)   Climate change expert sentenced to 32 months for fraud, says lying was a ‘rush’

5)   Freshwater shortage could double climate change effects on agriculture

6)   7 ways to shut down a climate change denier


8)   Media Still Doesn’t Like Talking About Climate Change: Study

9)   Apocalypse No: Claims That Metro Phoenix Is Doomed Because of Climate Change Are Greatly Exaggerated

10)                    What an Unbelievably Cute Ball of Fur Can Teach Us About Climate Change

11)                    Climate change: The warmest November worldwide since 1880

12)                    Backyard rinks help Laurier researchers track climate change


  • Top 10 climate change protests of 2013

14)                    Environment Ministry proposes slew of measures on climate change

15)                    GAC students use petition to push for climate change


  • Climate Change and Socialism: An interview with John Bellamy Foster


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