Global Warming Updates December 19, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 19 December 2013

1)  Critics blast Reddit over climate-change skeptic ban

2)  Indiana communities to join roundtable on climate change

3)  Is Genetics Key to Climate Change Solutions? (Op-Ed)

4)  Communicating climate change

5)  Santa Claus and Climate Change: A Letter to My Grandkids

6)  Climate Change This Week: Arctic Thermal Hole, Megadrought Now? and More!

7)  John Podesta’s plan to bypass Congress on climate change

8)  China building fourth Antarctic base to enhance research into climate change, other topics

9)  Climate Change Science: A Culture of Egos, Greed and Cronyism

10)                   Paying for climate change: Tax the polluters

11)                   Study: Climate change will put caribou genetic diversity at risk

12)                   This Bird Knows How to Fight Climate Change

13)                   Climate change poses serious threat to Britain’s peat bogs

14)                   Caterpillars Respond to Climate Change by Altering Feeding Habits

15)                   Reviewing Top U.S. Climate News Stories of 2013


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