Global Warming Updates December 20-22, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 20-22 December 2013

1)   On climate change, Florida’s been warned

2)   Climate change and the need for a revolutionary party

3)   Solar Activity Not a Key Cause of Climate Change, Study Shows

4)   Climate Change ‘Countermovement’ Funded By ‘Dark Money,’ Conservative Donors Spend Billions To Derail Regulation Efforts

5)   Stellar ton, Trenton, Westville submit joint climate change plan,-Trenton,-Westville-submit-joint-climate-change-plan/1

7)   The only way to stop climate change now may be revolution

8)   Should We Fight Climate Change By Taxing Meat?

9)   Study: Some plants may not adapt quickly to future climate change

10)                     The American pika could survive climate change by eating its own feces

  • Taking steps to combat climate change

12)                     ‘Climate change a threat to the food on your plate’

13)                     2013 in review: Obama talks climate change – but pushes fracking

14)                     Scientists report solar activity has minor role in climate change

15)                     Climate Change Affecting Water Resources

16)                     Director selected for Hawaii climate change center

17)                     China building fourth Antarctic base to enhance research into climate change, other topics

18)                     Who’s to Blame for Climate Change?


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