Global Warming Updates December 23, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 23 December 2013

1)  Flood Grant Program To Let Communities Consider Rising Seas Due To Climate Change

2)  Distressed Polar Bears in Canada’s Hudson Bay Evidence of Climate Change

4)  The campaign to fight action on climate change is backed by $1 billion a year in covert donations

5)  Texas Neighborhoods Where Climate Change Could Hurt

6)  Solar Activity Is Not A Key Contributor To Climate Change: Study


  • Climate change study suggests cutting herds

8)  Ban appoints former leaders of Ghana, Norway as special envoys on climate change

9)  What Beyoncé’s album means for climate change

10)                   The forest that weathers climate change

11)                   From drought to hurricanes, Grenada tackles climate change with German help

12)                   Coldplay back climate change awareness campaign

  • How is climate change affecting your farm or ranch?

14)                   Solar Activity Not a Major Factor Affecting Climate Change, Researchers Say

15)                    The sun has minimal influence on climate change, says study

16)                   In the Philippines, a Vortex of Climate Change and Debt



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