Global Warming Updates December 23-28, 2014

Climate Changes Updates 23-28  December  2014

1.  2014 will likely be hottest on record — So why can’t we change?

2.  Climate change wrecks havoc at Mount Rainier

3.  Climate change learning standards for W.Va. students altered

4.  New York takes the wrong approach to ‘fracking’

5.  Greenhouse-gas limits / Curious objection

6. Fighting human-induced climate change

7.  Mary Nichols has ‘rock star’ influence as top air quality regulator

8.  Pope Francis’s edict on climate change will anger deniers and US churches

9.  Study: All-electric car may not be so green

10.                    Bird count helps document impact of climate change

11.                    Going green: Pakistan to get $39m to preserve forests

  1. 2014 in review: hard science and historic climate pledges – See more at:
  2. Fracking ban boosts New York governor’s approval rating – See more at:

14.                    Pope Francis to issue climate change call to arms for world’s Catholics in measures that will anger Vatican conservatives

15.                    County officials explore possibility of climate change commission

16.                    In 83 speeches, senator pushes for climate change

17.                    Climate-change doubters linger in Congress

18.                    What Might the Future Look Like if We Took Climate Change Seriously?

19.                    Climate changes affect shape-shifting plant species

20.                    Chardonnay and Pinot Noir under threat from climate change

21.                                          Collaborative project explores Mainer’s attack by polar bear, climate change

22.                    Bird count helps document impact of climate change

23.                    Climate Change 2014: A Year of Climate Policy in Focus

24.                    Irreversible But Not Unstoppable: The Ghost Of Climate Change Yet To Come

25.                    Larry Koehrsen: The slow drip of climate change

  1. Pope Francis To Issue Call To Action On Climate Change

27.                    Climate-change doubters linger in Congress

28.                    Climate changes affect shape-shifting plant species

29.                    Risk Of Dengue Fever Increases Due To Climate Change And Urbanization, Researchers Find

30.                    Montgomery High students join climate change research project

31.                    Steve Urbon: Ocean climate change takes center stage in fishery research

32.                    UC Natural Reserve System tapped for climate change research

33.                    NRS climate research gets UC president’s $1.9M research award

34.                    Will climate change kill Santa Claus? This and more festive-themed research

35.                    Interior Department funds climate change research in Montana, Northwest

36.                    Five bits of research that shaped climate science in 2014

37.                    Warming Will Reduce Wheat Production, Research Shows


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