Global Warming Updates December 24-25, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 24-25 December 2013

1)    It’s Time to Stop Portraying Climate Change as a ‘Debate’

2)    What Does The Future Hold For Climate Change?

3)    Uttarakhand’s action plan to minimize effects of climate change

4)    World Climate Change- Moving from awareness to action

5)    The Ghost Of Climate Change Yet To Come

6)    Readers Write: (Dec. 26): Diversity, climate change, television news, military pensions

7)    Focus on real problems, not climate change

8)    Let’s accept climate change and deal with it in a big way,0,7745706.story

9)    DEP’s climate change plan doesn’t set goal to reduce emissions

10)                       All I want for Christmas is a union that fights climate change

11)                      Some lose, some win in warming world

12)                       Russia drops charges against Greenpeace activists

13)                       Enchanted Ad Outpaces FedEx’s Adoption of Eco-Friendly Vehicles

14)                       Utilities look to decrease vulnerability to weather

15)                       2013, the year that was: Energy + Environment

16)                       SOS 54 years ago warned about vanishing glaciers

17)                       China struggling to meet 2011-2015 environment goals

18)                       Former leaders of Norway and Ghana named U.N. climate change envoys


  • Why 2014 is a critical year for the politics of climate change

20)                       Former Norway and Ghana leaders appointed UN climate change envoys


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