Global Warming Updates December 24-25,2012

Climate Changes Updates 24-25 December

1.   Christmas Trees Absorb Greenhouse Gasses

2.   Average Temperatures in West Antarctica Show Marked Rise Over 54 Years

3.   Antarctic Ice Warming More Rapidly Than Anticipated, Significant Sea Level Rise

4.   Indonesia to see more disasters as impact of global warming continues

5.   Warmer seas ‘driving sharks towards beaches’

6.   Kerry expected to elevate climate change as secretary of state,0,6445247.story?track=rss

7.   Harper government climate regulations to cost $11.2 billion, but offset by savings
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8.   Fires, Drought, and Frankenstorms Galore: 2012’s Extreme Weather

9.   Fluctuating environment may have driven human evolution


11.                     2012 Year End Sustainability Wrap-up


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