Global Warming Updates December 26,2012

Climate Changes Updates 26 December

1.   Bumblebees Do Best Where There Is Less Pavement and More Floral Diversity

2.   The Future of Global Warming and the Fears It Elicits

3.   Death in the forest: saving the lungs of the planet
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4.   Wettest Christmas in 70 years but warmer weather on the way
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5.   Sweet Potatoes Unexpected Reaction to Rising CO2 Levels

6.   Climate change may have driven evolution, scientists believe

7.   Food Security: the first big hit from Climate Change will be to our pockets

8.   Sandy Tops List of 2012 Extreme Weather & Climate Events

9.   In New York City, a Vibrant Green Space Emerges…Underground

10.                     Ups and downs of biodiversity after mass extinction unveiled

11.                     Getting the Dirt on Hurricane Sandy

12.                     Record Number of U.S. Companies Issuing Sustainability Reports

13.                     Extreme Weather 101: Drought & Our Changing Climate

14.                     Top 3 Dirty Energy Battles To Watch in 2013
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15.                     West Antarctica Warming in Triple Time


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