Global Warming Updates December 29-31, 2014

Climate Changes Updates 29-31  December  2014

  1. 2015: A year for carbon pricing, peer pressure and Paris – See more at:

  2. Greenland ice loss outpaces climate models

  1. Norway’s Statkraft plans $8 billion green energy drive – See more at:
  2. Crowdfunded “ice stupas” help Ladakh adapt to climate change – See more at:
  3. US cities face ‘blackouts’ due to climate-linked extreme weather – See more at:
  4. Connie Hedegaard: India should ‘reconsider’ climate strategy – See more at:
  5. EU-backed study to explore climate and migration links – See more at:
  6. Can rich nations dodge the bill for historic carbon emissions? – See more at:


10.                    Greenhouse-gas limits / Curious objection

11.                    Pollution Around the World: A Matter of Choices

12.                    New York takes the wrong approach to ‘fracking’

13.                    Climate change wrecks havoc at Mount Rainier

14.                    With climate change, Himalayas’ future is warmer, not necessarily brighter

15.                    Seventeen U.S. Cities on Track for Hottest Year

16.                    2014 – The Year In Energy

17.                    Protecting Mount Rainier in the age of climate change

18.                    California & climate change: Epic drought threatens nation’s top produce region


20.                    The 11 Dumbest Things Conservative Media Said About Climate Change in 2014

21.                    2014 Brought Lasting Action On Climate Change Policy

22.                    West Virginia school board alters climate change education standards

23.                    Scientist predicts mass exodus of climate change refugees to Pacific Northwest

24.                                          What Can a Popular Pope Do About Climate Change?

25.                                          Climate Change in 2015 Could be Bigger Than Religion – or Selfie

26.                    Our new pro-science pontiff: Pope Francis on climate change, evolution, and the Big Bang

27.                    Huffington Post Details Climate Change Woes in Native Alaskan Village of Shishmaref

28.                    Climate change gets localized

29.                    6 Ways New Media Are Getting It Right On Climate Change — And 1 That’s Very Wrong

30.                    Corvallis graduate diving into global climate change research

31.                    Albany panel looks at steps to address climate change

32.                    A Koch Hack Tells the Pope to ‘Back Off’ on Climate Change

33.                    With Climate Change, Himalayas’ Future Is Warmer, Not Necessarily Brighter

34.                    Tribute: The Man Who Linked Climate Change To Global Health

35.                    5 Places Transformed by Climate Change in 2014


37.            Pope Francis to Earth’s Catholics: Take Action on Global Warming

38.                    Global Sea Ice Hits Record, Warming ‘Pause’ Continues; Alarmists and Their Media Friends Hardest Hit

39.                    Is the pause in global warming blowing out?

40.                    The 11 Dumbest Things Conservative Media Said About Climate Change in 2014

41.                    Polar Ice Not Melting, But Global Warming Story Is

42.                    Signs of global warming added up in 2014

  1. Gore Champions Dark Money in Global Warming Debate

44.                    David Folland: Fossil fuel fees slow global warming

45.                    Global warming increases chances of 2014 being hottest year, says Met Office

46.                    Will the New Year Bring More Wind, Less Warming?

47.                    Letter – Scientific method disproves global warming

48.                    TVA Board Approves Additional Pollution Controls For Shawnee Fossil Plant


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