Global Warming Updates December 30, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 30 December 2013

1)   How technology can halt climate change

2)   Who’s to Blame for Climate Change? (Op-Ed)

3)   The eight champions of climate change in the US in 2013

4)   California ‘King Tides’ Hit; Are Rising Sea Levels A Sign Of Climate Change?

5)   Florida’s Mangrove Forests Expand with Climate Change

6)   The Climate Change Gods Must Be Crazy

7)   West may pay for climate change

8)   Heh: Climate change scientists stuck on ice at the South Pole

9)   Can the “Cli-Fi” Novel Change the Discussion on Climate Change?

10)                     Top Climate Change Stories in 2013

11)                     Global Warming Controversy: The ‘Worst Yet to Come?’ Climate Change Increasing vs. Decreasing, CO2 Levels DRASTICALLY Raised During 2013

12)                    The Top Climate Change Stories of 2013

13)                     Town planning for flooding effects of climate change

14)                     Waiting for the Rains, Zambia Grapples With Climate Change

15)                     Mining industry wrestles environmental and political challenges

16)                     Climate a bright spot in China relationship

17)                     Climate policies helped kill manufacturing, says Maurice Newman

18)                     2013: the year in extreme weather


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