Global Warming Updates December 31, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 31 December 2013

1)   Climate Change Vastly Worse Than Previously Thought

2)   Climate change models underestimate likely temperature rise, report shows

3)   Don’t blame climate change for flood damage, blame David Cameron

4)   Florida’s mangrove forests expand north with climate change

5)   Here’s An Unexpected Way Climate Change Could Affect Productivity

6)   Flood warning: why the long-term forecast for homeowners is so alarming

7)   DEP’s climate change plan doesn’t set goal to reduce emissions

8)   Deep-Sea Marine Life Under Threat Due To Climate Change, Major Losses Likely By 2100

10)                    Climate Change and Caribou

11)                    Report: Climate change will have major impact on coast

12)                    Kenya’s Excess of Policies Can’t Deal With Climate Change

13)                    LETTER: Climate change real

14)                    Opinion: Money in politics stifles action on climate change

15)                    College Campuses Will Become Climate Change Battleground in 2014

16)                    In 2013, Climate ‘Resiliency’ Officially Entered the Lexicon

17)                    A 2014 calendar for climate change policy-making

18)                    China’s pollution crisis becoming a source of social discontent

19)                    Tony Abbott’s top business adviser accuses IPCC of ‘dishonesty and deceit’

20)                    Global warming researcher gets stuck in ice


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