Global Warming Updates December 4-7, 2014

Climate Changes Updates 4-7  December  2014

1.    Green Climate Fund to start funding projects in 2015 – See more at:

2.    UK solar “competitive without subsidies” by 2020

3.    LIVE IN LIMA – DAY 4: UN COP20 climate change summit – See more at:

4.    China outlines vision for 2015 UN climate change deal – See more at:

5.    Big oil must pay for climate change harm to world’s poorest – See more at:

6.   Yeb Sano: I will not be ashamed to cry for my people – See more at:

7.    LIVE IN LIMA – DAY 5: UN COP20 climate change summit – See more at:

8.   IETA: Carbon markets need to matter more in Lima

9.   Climate adaptation costs could hit $1trn a year by 2050 – UN – See more at:

10.                       China-Latin alliance could set tone for Lima climate summit – See more at:

11.                       Leisurely in Lima: COP20 climate talks show little urgency – See more at:

12.                       Latin American coalition to restore 20 million hectares of forest – See more at:

13.                       Typhoon Hagupit focuses minds in week two of UN climate talks – See more at:

14.                       Lost in Lima: Why climate finance figures can’t be trusted – See more at:

15.                       Five burning issues for Lima climate talks next week – See more at:

16.                      Oil-rich Arab emirates duck climate finance obligations – See more at:

17.                       Why unborn children must be part of the UN climate deal – See more at:

18.                      Oil companies at climate talks dismiss ‘carbon bubble’ fears – See more at:

19.                      Michael Gove bars Tory minister Amber Rudd from Lima climate change talks

20.                       Energy Firms in Secretive Alliance With Attorneys General

21.                       George Osborne oversees biggest fossil fuel boom since North Sea oil discovery

22. Writing China: The People’s Republic of Chemicals

23.                       Will Cuomo meet his self-imposed fracking deadline?

24.                       Ohio’s natural gas boom brings flurry of pipeline construction

25.                       GOP gains put nuclear power back on the table

26.                      Clock ticking at climate summit in record hot year: Lima

27.                       Who’s pledged money and who hasn’t to the Green Climate Fund for poor countries–Green-Climate-Fund

28.                      Peru climate change talks slowed by clashes of rich and poor nations

29.                      The old man and the rising sea


  1. Small countries take the lead on climate change

32.                       Climate change: NSW to become hotter, more fire danger days

33.                       UN report urges more funds for climate change adaptation, warns on temperature rise

34.                       Do More to Address Climate Change

35.                       Even climate change experts and activists are in denial about climate change

36.                      This one Hillary quote about climate change is very, very important

37.                       ‘Can Climate Change Cure Capitalism?’: An Exchange

38.                      Dwindling Ice in Antarctica Spurs Questions Over Climate Change and The Point of No Return

39.                      Why Increasing Antarctic Sea Ice Doesn’t Mean Climate Change Isn’t Happening

40.                      Climate change heating up research at UA

41.                       Climate change will make more politicians into environmentalists

42.                       Cities in Climate Change Danger, Warns Captain Planet

43.                                                Climate change threatens vital NASA launch pads

44.                      Heads in the sand in climate change protest

45.                       Ed Miliband lambasts PM for ‘ignoring advice on climate change’

46.                      Latest IPCC Findings Undermine Climate Change Claims

47.                       New “Star Trek” Global Warming Solution Beams Heat Into Outer Space

48.                      Church of England challenges BP and Shell over global warming

49.                      Cutting carbon pollution is the key to curbing global warming

50.                       Global warming’s solution in wind energy, report says

51.                       Letter: Global warming skepticism is growing only among those who don’t understand climate science

52.                       Global Warming 36 Year Update: Atmosphere has warmed an average of 0.14 C per decade, or just over one-half degree C (0.91 degrees Fahrenheit).

53.                       What Matthew McConaughey has to say about gravity and global warming

54.                       Latam countries launch plan to store carbon, fight global warming

55.                       UN climate change talks: Global warming negotiators can’t stand the heat

  1. Recent global warming trends: significant or paused or what? – See more at:



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