Global Warming Updates December 5, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 5 December 2013

1)   Report Warns of Sudden Climate Change Impacts

2)   Pennsylvania’s New Environmental Chief Doesn’t Think Climate Change Is A Big Deal

3)   Why the US and China inspire hope for international climate change action

4)   Maine Governor Touts Economic Benefit Climate Change Will Have In His State

5)   Most climate change gases can be traced to just 90 companies

6)   Climate change affects Northwest snowpack, study says

7)   Children in Mongolia experience climate change and extreme cold

8)   Geoengineering Approaches to Reduce Climate Change Unlikely to Succeed

9)   Climate Change Could Affect Southeast Salmon Habitat

10)                    Climate change: What we know, what we’re doing

11)                    Environmentalist praises Shell Canada over calls for climate change regulations

12)                    State worries about climate change

13)                    Kings County, towns join forces to prepare for climate change

14)                    College endowment managers get schooled on climate change

15)                    The 3rd Global Conference on Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Security and Climate Change


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