Global Warming Updates December 8-10, 2014

Climate Changes Updates 8-10  December  2014

1.   Melting Antarctica glaciers dropping Mount Everest worth of ice into sea, Scientist says

2.   The Secret Deal to Save the Planet

3.   Green Climate Fund to back energy ‘paradigm shift’: director

4.        Workers must lead transition to green economy, unions say at climate talks

5.   Can America’s Desert Cities Adapt Before They Dry Out And Die?

  1. False victories for sustainability – Amazonian Hydropower – See more at:

7.   Green Climate Fund hits $10 bln goal, after Australia surprise

8.   National Grid joins 200 Other Companies to Support Carbon Emission Regulations by EPA

9.   Holding one’s breath, GOP style

10.                     HERE’S A WAY TO PAY FOR A HEALTHIER PLANET

11.                     Climate Fiction Fantasy

12.                     What to do when climate change poses a risk to your water supply

13.                     Lima’s UN climate talks aren’t even focusing on keeping down temperatures

14.                     Warming Ocean May Be Triggering Mega Methane Leaks Off Northwest Coast

15.                     Exxon Issues Energy Reality Check as UN Debates Emissions

16.                     Where Coal is King

17.                     Debate heats up on risk of frozen fossil fuel assets

18.                     An Insurance Policy for Climate Change? How Seed Banks Are Protecting the Future of Food

19.                     Increasing Concern Over Climate Change May Be Driving Increase In Sustainable Investing

20.                                             B.C. carbon tax an effective model for national climate change approach: report

21.                     Climate change expected to push important Oregon fish northward in coming decades

22.                                             Island Nations Are Now Screaming It: Climate Change Will Sink Us

23.                     From South America to Africa, “Capitalist” Solutions to Climate Change Seen as Path to Catastrophe

24.                     Rogero honored for climate change efforts

25.                     What to do when climate change poses a risk to your water supply

26.                     Bill Nye and other scientists tell journalists to stop calling climate change deniers ‘skeptics’

27.                     Letter: Obama’s leadership clear on climate change

28.                     Reevely: Ontario plans climate-change summit in July

29.                                             Heatwaves in Europe 10 Times as Likely with Climate Change

30.                     Don’t blame climate change for California’s terrible drought

31.                     No one sucks on climate change like Australia, mate

32.                     Climate Change Versus Climate Catastrophe

33.                                             Queensland Government will force more councils to remove climate change references from plans, mayor warns

34.                     New Study: California’s Epic Drought Probably Wasn’t Caused by Climate Change

35.                     How Ernest Shackleton can help world address climate change

36.                     With Compromises, a Global Accord to Fight Climate Change Is in Sight

37.                     Deadly Heat in Europe 10x More Likely Than Decade Ago

38.                     Global Warming Isn’t Causing California Drought? Report Triggers Storm

  1. Demanding Better Medium-Term Rainfall Forecasts Would Improve Climate Science

40.                     Indian metropolis subject of climate change case study

41.                                             Work starts on £17m climate change research centre

42.                     SESYNC-USGS-USDA water-food systems research supports White House Climate Data Initiative

43.                                             Climate Researchers Lower Global Warming Forecast on Plans to Cut Emissions

44.                     UC Santa Cruz leads UC effort to study effects of climate change on ecosystems

45.                     Clearing the ‘Cloud Hanging over Climate Science’

46.                     Commentary Calls for New ‘Science of Climate Diversity’

47.                     Elite Think Tank Admits to Ongoing Climate Engineering Experiments

48.                     Researcher calls for new ‘science of climate diversity’

49.                     Meteorology meets metrology: climate research high up in the clouds

50.                     A Global Shift?

  1. Earth-conscious demo in Peru urges curbing global warming

52.                     Global warming Sound Off raises all sorts of questions

53.                     NOAA Finds Little Drought-Global Warming Link

54.                     Feds: Don’t Blame California Drought on Global Warming

55.                     At Lima Talks, Nations Worst Hit by Global Warming Say Climate Aid Isn’t Charity, But Reparations

56.                     Guiding African Wildlife Through Global Warming

57.                     Heat Waves in Europe Will Increase, Study Finds

58.                     ‘The origin of global warming lies in capitalism’

59.             Global Warming: It’s OK to Be Smart About It

60.                     How energy reforms will make it easier to slow global warming


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