Global Warming Updates December 9, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 9 December 2013

1)  Reality bites as climate change adds fuels to bushfires

2)  On climate change, action vs. inaction: Your Say

3)  Climate Change Opens the Arctic to Shipping, Drilling, Militarization

4)  Climate change expert: Public perception lags

5)  Postcard from the edge: Urban conundrums on the front lines of climate change

6)  A Climate Change Refugee

7)   A new look at climate change

8)  At Capitol, tempest over Pa. Environmental Protection secretary’s climate change comments is cooling down

9)  The march of climate change: Editorial

10)                   Tackling climate change and changing energy systems


11)                   Pizzly Bears: Walking Climate Change Proof

12)                   St. Louis Photojournalist Goes Under The Ice To Document Arctic Climate Change

13)                    What Climate Change Does to Our Minds

14)                   As Keystone ruling nears, Canada short on time for climate plan

15)                   Thawing Arctic throwing climate out of kilter

16)                   China could lead efforts to end global warming


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