Global Warming Updates February 06,2013

Climate Changes Updates 6 February

2012 Global Temperatures 10th Highest On Record

2012 Warmest and Second Most Extreme Year On Record for the Contiguous United States

Biodiversity Helps Protect Nature Against Human Impacts

Lungs of the Planet Reveal Their True Sensitivity to Global Warming

Predicting a Low Carbon Future for Toronto

Mercury Contamination in Water Can Be Detected With a Mobile Phone

Environmental Factors Determine Whether Immigrants Are Accepted by Cooperatively Breeding Animals

X-Rays Reveal Uptake of Nanoparticles by Soybean Crops

Air Pollution Primes Children for Asthma-Related Cockroach Allergy

Shimmering Water Reveals Cold Volcanic Vent in Antarctic Waters

Fears for villages after major quake hits near Solomons

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Quake hits Solomons, four die

US power plant emissions drop as coal loses favour

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Government’s reef protection claims ’empty’

A turning point for deforestation

Mining – not agriculture – is the major worry for the Great Barrier Reef

Britain faces risk of power cuts due to solar storms

A Climate Sensitivity Tail

Feature: Sweater-clad Canadian grannies spring into action for climate change

UNEP scientist in climate change reduction recommendation

New study: Work less, fight climate change

Carbon War Room: Avoiding 2°C impossible without business


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