Global Warming Updates February 1-2, 2014

Climate Changes Updates 1-2 February 2014

1)   Soapbox: Climate change argument a convenient truth for those who want to control your pocketbook

2)   Report: Keystone Pipeline Will Not Worsen Climate Change

3)   Climate Change Cuisine: It’s What’s for Dinner

4)   Rising costs of climate change

5)   Penguins Feel Climate Change’s Impacts

6)   Vermont Law Schools hosts climate change talk

7)   Better energy and solving climate change

8)   Bio-diversity strategy to focus on climate change issues

9)   Cashing in on apocalypse: Meet the people making a killing on climate change

10)                    Major Corporations Say Climate Change Is Bad For Business

11)                    Why Renewable Energy Won’t Save Us from Climate Change

12)                    Prince Charles is right about climate change

13)                    Misinformation Is Winning – Doubt In Climate Change Climbing

14)                    Dams May Provide Resilience to Climate Change

15)                    Environmentalists say strong legal case could derail Keystone XL permit

16)                    Pressure is on Kerry as Keystone pipeline decision nears

17)                    Americans’ Mental Health is Latest Victim of Changing Climate

18)                    Boyle: Planet warming despite cold snap

19)                    Climate change looks too big to ignore or fix

20)                    Changing business climate


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