Global Warming Updates February 1-3 ,2015

Climate Changes Updates 1-3 February 2015
Sport issued with climate warning at Australian Open – See more at:
UN targets draft of Paris climate deal by 13 February – See more at:
UN: 2014 was the hottest year on record
Britons feel more threatened by Russia than climate change – See more at:
Obama pledges $500m for Green Climate Fund in 2016 budget – See more at:
UN climate change talks and the Paris deal – a guide – See more at:
BP silent on climate as low oil prices hit profits – See more at:
Obama’s Budget Reveals Depth and Breadth of His Climate Agenda
Climate change: Low CO2 emissions tax possible if clean technology is also implemented
Different tack needed for climate change skeptics, study says
Want to Build with Federal Funds? New Order Requires Planning for Future Flood Risk
Genetically modified coral could help save reefs, report argues
14 of the 15 hottest years on record have occurred since 2000, UN says
A Fresh Look at the Watery Side of Earth’s Climate Shows ‘Unabated Planetary Warming’
What will a hotter Australia be like? The past gives us some clues
Hottest year on record ramps up the climate pressure
DN Editorial: Tracking fracking
Study links decreasing range of California pikas to climate change
On Guard: The City’s climate change Cold War
Editorial: Keystone XL should not be gift to oil industry
Everyday Climate Change, Now On Instagram
Developers, local lawmaker look to 50% clean energy goal
Inside the Senate’s big vote on whether climate change is real
Here Are the 56 Percent of Congressional Republicans Who Deny Climate Change
World has not woken up to water crisis caused by climate change: IPCC head
India ‘walking the talk’ on climate change, says environment minister
Experts Say Birth Control Access Key To Curbing Climate Change
Scientist Slams Daily Caller For Distorting His Research To Suggest Climate Change Is Fake
The countries most vulnerable to climate change, in 3 maps
Climate change, melting glaciers make Iceland spring upward like a trampoline
The birth of “cli-fi”: Books that tackle climate change
Facing the Truth About Climate Change
5 Ways Obama’s Budget Fights Climate Change and Expedites Renewable Energy
Obama’s Budget Goes All-In on Climate Change
These climate change Instagrams will make you cry
Your Minnesota climate change questions, answered
Even Smart Republicans Make Stupid Arguments Against Climate Change
What climate change means for Minnesota moose
Mary Robinson: Developing countries must act on climate change
Republicans finally admitted climate change is real: so what will they do about it?
21st century ‘hottest’ on record as global warming continues – UN
When global warming means more snow
Global Warming The Culprit In Decreasing Range Of California Pikas
EPA: Keystone XL Will Impact Global Warming
Seniors Speak Out: Barclay Friends residents talk about global warming
Letter: It’s not global warming that’s causing floods
Global Warming Hysteria Has Problem: It Doesn’t Fit With Facts 

Global warming slowdown is NOT down to climate model errors: Natural variations in the weather explain the ‘pause’, says study 

No Joke: Global Warming Causes Crime
Global warming redistributes fish species at high latitudes
Nuclear Energy Could Be the Key to Fighting Global Warming
Capages analysis about global warming correct
Global warming will NOT cause more storms – but it will make large storms even bigger, claims study 

Scientist Slams Daily Caller For Distorting His Research To Suggest Climate Change Is Fake
Global Warming Pause: Is the End Near?
New research suggests climate ‘skeptics’ and believers really, really don’t like each other
Climate change research highlighted at State of the Union
Mourning Our Planet: Climate Scientists Share Their Grieving Process
Female fish prime their offspring to cope with climate change
Barrier Reef coral genetically altered in hope of surviving climate change
Researchers’ data show climate change is accelerating the melting of Siberia
Study examines actions and attitude behind climate change belief
Farming Now Worse for Climate than Clearing Forests
Scientists study how crops can thrive despite climate change
2nd Int’l Indian Ocean Expedition to Research Climate Change Impact

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