Global Warming Updates February 10, 2014

Climate Changes Updates 10 February 2014

1.     Why People Resist the Notion of Climate Change

2.     At Tufts, going far north to look at climate change

3.     Obama and Hollande call for “ambitious” global climate change deal

4.     New Climate Change Map Reveals Where Species Will Go As Global Temperatures Rise [PHOTOS]

5.     The British government says climate change is likely behind its wettest winter ever

6.     Green Roofs And Cool Roofs Can Combat Climate Change But It’s All About ‘Location, Location, Location’

7.           Fight climate change to tackle floods, peer tells government

8.     Debating Evolution and Dealing With Climate Change

9.     What’s climate change ruining now? Baby penguin edition

10.        Women more worried about climate change

11.        Can Climate Change Hurt Vermont’s Winter Sports Industry?

12.  Global Warming and Climate Change Threats More Apparent

13.        Climate change: cost and opportunity

14.        Diabetes and climate change: Averting two linked catastrophes

15.        US, French presidents call for “ambitious” climate change deal

16.        Climate change playing a part in severe weather, says Met Office chief scientist Dame Julia Slingo

17.        World’s largest tidal lagoon power project eyes 2018 start

18.        Editorial: Wait for fracking report

19.        Ralph Nader: Climate disasters – ending congressional stupor now!

20.        Stronger Pacific trade winds linked to stable air temperatures

21.        Opinion: Time to look beyond the UN climate negotiations

  1. UK Met Office links heavy rains to climate change

  1. UK governments accused of ‘dismantling’ climate adaptation strategy


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