Global Warming Updates February 11, 2014

Climate Changes Updates 11 February 2014

1.     Climate change means we will have to get used to flooding

2.     Climate-change skepticism’s funding sources are obscure

3.     Tunisia Recognizes Climate Change In Its Constitution

4.     The Crushing Cost of Climate Change: Why We Must Rethink America’s Infrastructure Investments

5.     Why Is Climate Change Denier Owen Paterson Still in His Job?

6.            Con Edison to Calculate Benefits Of Preparing Utility for Climate Change

7.     New York Times Op-Ed ‘The Dustbowl Returns’ Never Mentions Climate Change

8.     Obama, Hollande Cooperate on 2015 Global Climate Change Pact

9.     Newell: Climate change impacts winter sports

10.    Ed Miliband: Climate change will bring more flooding

11. ‘Wind power causes climate change’ shown to be so much hot air

12. David Suzuki: Will thorium save us from climate change?

13. Maps Reveal Expected Redistribution Of Global Species Due To Climate Change

14. Can photos of ice help translate the science of climate change?

15. California vows to press ahead with climate change programs

16. Margaret Lavin: Parents can promote positive school climate change

17. Davey calls for urgency in warning over climate change crisis

18. Lion Tamarins versus Climate Change

19. Chasing the Biggest Story on Earth

20. El Niño may make 2014 the hottest year on record

  1. US plans for tougher carbon pollution cuts gather pace

22. Obama faces new Congress challenge on coal curbs

  1. Rich – poor divide ‘main question’ at UN climate talks says Korolec

  1. David Cameron: climate change a ‘serious threat’

  1. California’s rate of CO2 cuts ‘need to be doubled’ after 2020 –

  1. Is global warming hiding in the Pacific Ocean?


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