Global Warming Updates February 11,2013

Climate Changes Updates 11 February

1.   NASA’s Landsat Data Continuity Mission: New Earth Observation Satellite Launched

2.   Tree Die-Off Triggered by Hotter Temperatures

3.   Figures behind Kyoto may be too low

4.   Attacks on climate science ebb after start of carbon tax

5.   Wildflowers at risk from ‘safe’ levels of pollution

6.   David Miliband to head global fight to prevent eco-disaster in oceans

7.   EU Budget delivers ‘mixed news’ for green economy

8.   BBC backs down on David Attenborough’s climate change statistics

9.   Australia to extend aid to Kiribati to fight climate change

10.                     UN urged to slash emissions and offset its carbon footprint

11.                     Investors worth $87 trillion call on companies to reveal carbon data

12.                     A Nepalese perspective on climate change

13.                     David Miliband: Ocean indicators are all flashing red

14.                     In focus: USA’s climate laws

15.                     Innocent Drinks: Make sustainability fun, or fail

16.                     Closing the door on energy efficiency


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