Global Warming Updates February 12, 2014

Climate Changes Updates 12 February 2014

  1. US outlines plans for ‘durable and ambitious’ UN climate deal – See more at:

  2. UK floods: a warning to those who ignore threat of climate change – See more at:
  3. Sochi Olympians warn climate change ‘threatens’ winter sports – See more at:
  4. David Cameron: UK must become more resilient to extreme weather – See more at:
  5. Philippines warning as communities return to danger zones post Haiyan – See more at:
  6. US plans for tougher carbon pollution cuts gather pace – See more at:

7.                                 Church of England vows to fight ‘great demon’ of climate change

8.                                                                   British weather scientists link flooding to climate change

9.                                 100 Winter Olympians Sign Petition Urging World Leaders To Address Climate Change

10.                                                          Time to break the silence over climate change

11.                            Is Climate Change to Blame for UK’s Floods?

  1. Livestock industry gets a pass on climate change [Letter],0,5626815.story#ixzz2tAgdkOPg

13.                            New Map Tracks Climate Change and Species Migration

14.                            Climate change presented as national security issue

15.                            Here’s Where Species Loss From Climate Change Will Probably Be Most Extreme 
Climate change, environmental regulation get short shrift in Conservative budget

16.                            The NSA and Climate Change Spying: What We Know So Far

17.                            Nobel Prize winner paints bleak climate change picture

18.                            Future Presence Of Fish Near The Equator Threatened Due To Rapid Pace Of Climate Change

19.                            These Maps Show Where Climate Change Will Force Species to Die

20.                                                          Environmental Movement to Test Its Muscle in Keystone Final Stretch


22.                            Drought threatens California’s hydroelectricity supply, but solar makes up the gap


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