Global Warming Updates February 13-15,2015

Climate Changes Updates 13-15 February 2015
The Pentagon & Climate Change: How Deniers Put National Security at Risk 

How we ruined the oceans
A ‘megadrought’ will grip U.S. in the coming decades, NASA researchers say
San Jose: Scientists call for ‘geoengineering’ tests to find ways to cool the planet
Spy agencies fund climate research in hunt for weather weapon, scientist fears
Pennsylvania vs. climate change
Is clean coal a dead end or bridge to future?
Mr. Obama’s Easy Call on Keystone Bill
Climate Change Progress Is Possible
For GOP Presidential Candidates, a Slightly Changing Climate
A 50th anniversary few remember: LBJ’s warning on carbon dioxide
UN agrees draft text for Paris climate summit
Draft Treaty Aims for Fossil-Free Future With Many Pages, Few Answers
Scientists go high and low for data on drought-fighting ‘sky rivers’
IPCC scientists call for focus on regional climate risks – See more at:
UN climate deal moving closer, say Least Developed Countries – See more at:
What has the divestment movement achieved so far?
Axe cheap petrol to cut emissions, emerging economies told –
Glasgow divestment helped spawn a European climate movement – See more at:
UN agrees new climate text for Paris deal, but hard work remains –
7 burning issues on the road to a Paris climate deal –
UK political leaders ink climate consensus ahead of election –
Wheel of Fortune Host Tweets About Climate Change Again
While U.S. politicians argue about climate change, British pols decide the debate is over
House Dem wouldn’t put climate change, terror in ‘same sentence’
Staying afloat amid climate change
More infectious diseases emerging because of climate change
Countries adopt draft text for accord to fight climate change

NASA predicts ‘megadroughts’ due to climate change
Wetlands, swamps ‘hold great potential’ to store carbon, fight climate change
Pennsylvania vs. climate change
Veteran peacebuilder discusses global climate change as a destabilizing social and political threat
Spy agencies fund climate research in hunt for weather weapon, scientist fears
Rand Paul’s new primary problem: Climate change?
Climate change accord to be reached by end of 2015: IPCC
NASA scientists predict global warming could dry up Southwest, Midwest America by 2050
Global WARming
Fossil-fuel limits emerge as goal for deal on global warming
Global Warming: Blues at Florida Panthers Preview
US faces mega-drought future: Global warming will cause the worst dry spells in more than 1,000 years, claims study 

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