Global Warming Updates February 13, 2014

Climate Changes Updates 13 February 2014

  1. Floods back case for climate deal, says UK Energy Secretary

  1. 83% of Americans believe US should act on climate change

  1. World’s largest thermal solar plant opens in California

  1. Australian MPs receive climate change-themed Valentine’s Day cards

  1. Danish parties back 40% carbon reduction target

  1. Surging emissions lead South Korea to query climate targets

7.     Obama-appointed climate change task force meets in Los Angeles–20140213,0,4650853.story#ixzz2tGgfLJSU

8.     UK storms should be catalyst for climate change treaty, says Ed Davey

9.           Kansas House panel takes up climate change measure

10.  The True Cost of Extreme Weather…Or is it Climate Change?

11.  Church Of England Takes On ‘Giant Evil’ Of Climate Change

12.  Climate Change, Winter Storms, and the Future of European Wine

13.  Meteorologist Jeff Masters: Climate Change Affecting Weather Patterns Regardless of Season

14.  CBS ‘This Morning’ Challenges Sochi Climate Change Hysteria

15.  Climate change theory brought into question

16.  Climate change policy at risk because of denial and fear, Ed Davey warns

17.  Climate change: hard rain, hard truths

18.  Energy companies accept climate change, argue solutions

19.  At UCSB, Climate Change Is Not Just Anecdotal

20.  Column: Our stormy relationship with the issue of climate change

21.  Climate change-denying Tories stand in way of flooding solution, says Ed Davey

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