Global Warming Updates February 20, 2014

Climate Changes Updates 20 February 2014

  1. Obama says climate must influence ‘all’ government policies –

  1. Indonesia pledges $250,000 to Green Climate Fund

  1. Google data could stem surge in deforestation levels

  1. Biomass could provide 44% of UK energy by 2050 – study

  1. Climate change is a ‘national security’ issue say military experts

  1. ‘Robin Hood’ tax to fund climate efforts could launch in May

  1. Renewables revolution in China within reach, says WWF

8.                  Keystone XL pipeline opponents score victory in court

9.                  Images of damage from extreme weather may lower political support for climate action

10.             California leaders propose $687 million to alleviate drought

11.             McNider and Christy: Why Kerry Is Flat Wrong on Climate Change

12.             Climate change deniers have grasped that markets can’t fix the climate

13.             ‘Cli-fi’: could a literary genre help save the planet?


14.             Bill O’Reilly: The climate change strategy

15.             George Osborne wants climate change tackled as cheaply as possible

16.             The Billionaires on Both Sides of Climate Change

17.             Is climate change the biggest threat we face?

18.             Is polar warming to blame for America’s and Britain’s bad winter weather?

19.             U.S. billionaire to pour $100 million into climate change fight–finance.html

20.             Climate change deniers come with a cost

21.             Group raps lawmakers on climate-change votes

22.             Climate change deals futile, says legal expert

23.             California senators float post-2020 climate change bill–finance.html

24.             Trust us: Savvy businesses understand their role in fighting climate change

25.             Dan Dieterich: Humans didn’t cause past climate change, but we’re changing climate now

26.             TDC to focus on climate change risks


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