Global Warming Updates February 23-28,2015

Climate Changes Updates 23-28 February 2015
Swiss to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
Solar lights a healthy – and empowering – path in disasters.
Documentary on Air Pollution Grips China
Rio Ruckus: IOC, Olympics targeted by environmental protest–oly.html
Nuclear power: Energy for the future or relic of the past?
Former UN Climate Panel Chief Barred from Leaving India
This Year’s Climate Talks Are Our Last (and Best) Chance to Slow Global Warming
CU professor says he’s target of congressional ‘witch hunt’ over climate change impacts–Climate-Science-Investigation
Obama’s Keystone veto was a mistake
EDITORIAL: Pipelines, petroleum and politics
The Register’s Editorial: Why climate change deniers warmed up to this scientist
A Shameful Climate Witch Hunt
End of the Pachauri era: The evolution of consensus on climate science
At last, proof of a climate scientist getting rich peddling science.
Climate change is all around
Most Americans see combating climate change as a moral duty
Del. professor caught in climate change controversy
Jim Inhofe’s snowball has disproven climate change once and for all
ExxonMobil funded a climate change denier years after it claimed to have stopped
NASA Satellites Start Tracking Down the Sources of Climate Change
Planet Earth is a sick patient due to climate change, says Prince Charles
What happened to the lobbyists who tried to reshape the US view of climate change?
François Hollande in Philippines for climate change push
Doctors should take lead in push to curb climate change: experts
A Guide To Willie Soon’s Climate Research Funded by Fossil Fuel Companies
Fighting Back Against Climate Change
Can only Republicans help Republicans on climate change?
House Dems: Did Big Oil seek to sway scientists in climate debate?
Berkeley study directly IDs climate change culprit
Surprise! CO2 Directly Linked To Global Warming
The Pope Backs the Global Warming Hoax, So Suddenly the Anti-Catholic Media Thinks He’s Infallible!
Global Warming: Follow the Money
Jim Inhofe mocks global warming ‘hysteria,’ throws snowball on Senate floor
Global warming’s effects on glaciers revealed: Before and after shots show disappearing ice over the past 125 years 

Florida Tech study finds global warming fuels coral killer
Record Cold And Snow Destroy Global Warming Claims
Dem ‘Witch Hunt’ Forces Scientist Out Of Global Warming Research
Cooler Pacific Ocean Behind Global Warming “Pause”
What Some Scientists Says Is Causing the ‘Pause’ in Global Warming
Climate Oscillations and the Global Warming Faux Pause

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