Global Warming Updates February 24, 2014

Climate Changes Updates 24/2/2014

1.            Is Weird Winter Weather Related to Climate Change?

2.                         Colorado First State to Clamp Down on Fracking Methane Pollution

3.            The EPA’s strong case for regulating greenhouse gas emissions

4.            Climate change goes back to the Supreme Court

5.            Volcanoes contributing to hiatus in global warming: study

6.            Catch-22: big trees fight climate change but suffer in the heat

7.            Climate change to add to winter extremes, limiting warming benefit: study

8.            What Does Climate Change Mean For Ice Climbing?

9.            Opposition MPs criticise Harper for ignoring climate in Canada budget –

10.       China’s air pollution compared to a smoker at ‘risk of lung cancer’

11.       ‘Imagination’ required to save UN carbon market says new chair –

12.       Green Climate Fund board hails success despite slow progress –

13.       Why are we still debating climate change?

14.       Heating up: Climate change advocates try to silence Krauthammer

15.       EPA: Carbon emissions reduction has little impact on climate change

16.       A Crowdsourced Collection of Objects That Embody Climate Change 

17.       Justices question Obama climate change regulations

18.       Australia’s most effective pseudoscience: climate change denial

19.       NDP roasts government for ignoring deputy ministers’ climate change advice

  1. Researchers go to the core of climate change

21. How an Alliance Can Fight Climate Change, Make Housing Affordable, Create Good Jobs and Fund Social Needs for All New Yorkers

22. Admit it: We don’t really understand climate change

23. Crabs & climate change pose threat to Maine shellfish–climate-change-pose-threat-to-Maine-shellfish

24. Top 1% Getting 99% Taxpayers To Insure Their Beach Houses From Climate Change Losses

25. To further tackle climate change, Sydney needs new laws, not money

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