Global Warming Updates February 25, 2014

Climate Changes Updates February 25, 2014


1.                  Once Upon a Climate Change

2.                  Turkish businesses should take heed of climate change: EBRD report

3.                  Weather and Climate Change

4.                  Geo-engineering no solution to dangerous climate change, study finds

5.                  In nod to climate change, Obama will propose shift in funding wildfire costs

6.                  Comment: Climate change may be causing a global coffee shortage

7.                  Stunning Map Shows What A Climate Change Nightmare Scenario Might Actually Look Like

8.                  Before And After Pictures Show How Climate Change Is Destroying The Earth

9.                  CNN’s Brian Stelter On Climate Change: “Some Stories Don’t Have Two Sides”

10.              Prescott says UK government is “confused” about climate change

11.              South African Researchers Debunk Two Climate Change Theories


13.              Climate Change: Accept the Science and Act

14.              URI launches climate change website

15.              Australia’s most effective pseudoscience: climate change denial

16.              Better livestock diets combat climate change

17.              Obama hints at quick Keystone decision

18.              Let’s heat up climate debate

19.              Killer climate: tens of thousands of flying foxes dead in a day

20.              EPA chief says new US carbon standards will be ‘tough but flexible’

21.              Japan continues to fund coal despite increasing US pressure

22.              Shell’s Arctic oil plans face shareholder scrutiny –

23.              UN makes future of small island states a 2014 priority –

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