Global Warming Updates February 28, 2014

Climate Changes Updates February 28, 2014

1.Unfrozen Caveman Pundit Debates Climate Change

2.5 reasons why climate change is back in the news

3.Thanks to Climate Change, West Nile Virus Could Be Your New Neighbor

Climate Change Will Help Spread West Nile Virus |

4.Raleigh becomes site for climate research

5.UC Davis part of nationwide USDA research hub on climate change


6.Europe’s flood losses to soar by 2050, research shows,_research_shows.html?cid=38072992

7.Race against extinction: Climate researchers seek answers for Joshua trees

8.  Sri Lanka Feels the Heat

  • Drought forces water rationing on millions of Malaysians

10.    PM ‘must recommit’ over climate

11.    Climate change fight in the balance

12.    Drought Fuels Rising Tide of Texas Water Conservation

13.    Gerard: U.S. set to become a superpower in global energy market

14.    David Cameron must go green – and mean it

15.    Colorado Reins in Fracking Air Pollution

16.    US envoy Stern calls for climate truce in Congress

17.    Australia climate cuts “insulting sovereignty of other countries”

  1. UN climate deal could ‘revive’ offset market says CDM chief

  1. Merkel: UK and Germany have “common ground” on climate strategy –

20.    ‘Wait and see’ climate policies risk damage and suffering

  1. Cameron tells UK Parliament climate change a “serious threat” –

22.    European flood risk could double by 2050

23.    Better livestock diets combat climate change


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