Global Warming Updates February 28,2013

Climate Changes Updates 28 February

1.    Researchers Find New Information About ‘Snowball Earth’ Period

2.    Historic Datasets Reveal Effects of Climate Change and Habitat Loss On Plant-Pollinator Networks

3.    Loss of Wild Insects Hurts Crops Around the World

4.    NASA’s Van Allen Probes Reveal a New Radiation Belt Around Earth

5.    Improving Climate Protection in the Agricultural Sector

6.    Toxic Oceans May Have Delayed Spread of Complex Life

7.    Global Tipping Point Not Backed by Science, Experts Argue

8.    More New Species in Geologically Dynamic Region

9.    Silver Nanoparticles May Adversely Affect Environment, Researchers Demonstrate

10.                       Ex-cyclone Rusty causes Pilbara flooding

11.                       Dam size isn’t the problem, says researcher

12.                       South Africa delays carbon tax until 2015

13.                       Shallow reefs more vulnerable to warming: scientists

14.                       Acid plume poisons river after floods

15.                       Is climate change linked to the spread of flu?

16.                       IPCC urges Obama to raise awareness of science behind climate change

17.                       UK must prepare for climate conflict warns new envoy

18.                       Why India must look to the past for sustainable innovation

  1. Arab Spring could be reversed by climatic and economic shocks

  1. UK coal use up 32.5% in 2012

21.                       UPDATE 1-Keystone halt would send strong signal-EU climate chief


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