Global Warming Updates February 4-6, 2014

Climate Changes Updates 4-6 February 2014

1)    Survey puts Australians’ climate change concerns way down list

2)    Climate change is a global security threat

3)    USDA to set up ‘climate hubs’ to help farmers amid climate change,0,3283794.story#ixzz2sbgwVqRx


5)    How Climate Change Threatens Grizzly Bears

6)    Mayors Say Cities are Front Line on Fight Against Climate Change

7)    With Climate Change, What’s Better For The Farm Is Better For The Planet

8)    NY1 Exclusive: Designers Present Ways to Protect City Against Climate Change–designers-present-ways-to-protect-city-against-climate-change

9)    Climate change skeptics propose bill to make EPA release the data behind its policies

10)                       FEMA: Caught between climate change and Congress


11)                       Ballona Wetlands prepares for climate change with help from Obama administration mandates

12)                       Google Earth now shows CLIMATE CHANGE: Regional temperatures since 1850 added to the mapping service 

  • Climate change – let’s talk about it

14)Ice Age Animals Extinction Due to Climate Change, Not Humans

15)                       Polar bears and the ripple effects of climate change

16)                       The Mythology of Climate Change

17)                       Leading Scientists Explain How Climate Change Is Worsening California’s Drought

18)                       Floods and pylons are inextricably linked in climate change planning

19)                       Agriculture Secretary: Climate Change Already Hurting American Farmers

20)                       Manila Observatory: Front-Line View of Climate Change, and the Poverty-Risk Connection

21)                       Bloomberg vows to boost cities’ efforts to curb climate change

22)                       REFILE-UPDATE 1-U.S. launches ‘climate hubs’ to help farmers face climate change

23)                       Our View: There is no debate on climate change


Climate Changes Updates 4-6 February 2014 Part-2

  • UN climate chief Figueres hails potential of Ban Ki-moon envoy Bloomberg

  • IMF chief Lagarde warns of “merciless” climate change

  • Global warming “undeniable’ say UN as data reveals 2013 sixth hottest on record

  • Ban Ki-moon summit ‘must succeed’ says top UK climate envoy

  • EU climate chief says regional unity vital for 2015 Paris deal

  • Cities can help UN climate talks, Bloomberg tells C40 summit

  • EU jobs at risk without tough climate targets – report

  • EU Parliament backs tougher renewable energy target

33)                    As it happened: C40 cities and climate summit in Johannesburg

  • Green groups tell Merkel to get a grip on EU climate policy –

35)                    Rising seas could swamp 5% of world’s population: report

  • Urban leaders gather for C40 cities and climate summit in South Africa

  • Keystone foes to fight on after government downplays climate risk

  • Fracking opponents head to court, as UK green fightback emerges

  • UK carbon capture industry could be worth £35 billion

  • Latest climate science reports “chilling” warns John Kerry

41)                    NASA satellite eyes Sochi Olympic sites

42)                    Converting land to agriculture reduces carbon uptake, study shows

43)                    A look back and ahead at Greenland’s changing climate

44)                    Inducing climate-smart global supply networks

45)                    Environmental impacts of the financial crisis evident

46)                    World temperature records available via Google Earth



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