Global Warming Updates February 4-8,2015

Climate Changes Updates 4-8 February 2015
UN climate change talks and the Paris deal – a guide – See more at:
Norway reveals 40% carbon cut goal for 2030, matching EU target – See more at:
Climate impacts threaten rare Borneo species with extinction – See more at:
Europe to reveal UN climate deal pledge on February 25 – See more at:
Business leaders call for net zero emissions by 2050 – See more at:
Climate change squabbles are inevitable in science — and life – See more at:
Greenland’s hidden meltwater lakes raise sea level concerns – See more at:
India resists international scrutiny as it shapes climate plan – See more at:
UN climate chief: Major economies committed to Paris deal – See more at:
Denmark to reconsider fracking ban after Total shale tests – See more at:
BP embraces climate change risk resolution
Angela Merkel: The green realist who could make or break a climate deal – See more at:
Chairing the world’s future: Two men with the climate in their hands – See more at:
Can the coal industry lead a carbon capture makeover? – See more at:
UN climate talks start with call to work as “one team” in Geneva – See more at:
Wheel ambition
Global Warming May Spawn More Southeast US Tornadoes
China, Others in Asia Showing More Interest in Arctic Region
Anti-oil sands activists in the U.S. are getting visits from the FBI
A call to cull homes threatened by the sea
Meet Christy Goldfuss, the newest environmental player in the White House
Clearing the air
Uncertainty over massive Queensland mine after election shock and concerns over Indian company

Read more:
U.S. Coal Producers Facing Unprecedented Times
Andrew Weaver, Canadian Climate Scientist, Wins Defamation Suit Against National Post
Obama’s balanced proposal on the environment
Alice Keyes: A challenge for coastal Georgia cities
Withering clouds: Climate change damaging biodiverse Costa Rica forest
Climate Change Puts Alaska’s Sled Dog Races On Thin Ice
Arnold Schwarzenegger Calls For Climate Change Action At Munich Security Conference
Climate change marchers told to hire private security firm
Researchers: Climate change affecting Hawaii Island storms
Beacon Hill leaders to weigh effects of climate change
Major snowstorms in B.C. prompt climate-change worries
The New School Divests Fossil Fuel Stock and Refocuses on Climate Change
Scientists Link Underwater Eruptions to Climate Change
Draft of Climate Change Agreement Enters Final Lap
Lawmakers take step toward fulfilling state climate change goals
What Should We Tell the Kids About Climate Change?
2013 record heatwave ‘virtually impossible’ without climate change, Climate Council of Australia report says
Work on climate change makes for memorable year
Real question is whether climate change is real, and of that there is no question
Speaking Volumes: Pros and cons of climate change
State looks at health impact of climate change
When Will Intellectuals Heal Toxic Climate Change Debate?

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