Global Warming Updates February 9-10,2015

Climate Changes Updates 9-10 February 2015
Angela Merkel: The green realist who could make or break a climate deal – See more at:
Protect human rights to safeguard forests, say campaigners – See more at:
Climate change will not make storms more frequent – study – See more at:
US eyes climate cooperation with Iran at security summit – See more at:
Care for the climate to get a Valentine’s Day date – poll – See more at:
Green groups tell G20 ministers to stop fossil fuel subsidies – See more at:
Ballooning UN climate text risks becoming “unmanageable” – See more at:
China climate policy hits oil demand growth forecast – See more at:
China in Latin America: Growing links that could impact climate talks – See more at:
Zurich Insurance leads investor call for green bonds standards – See more at:
Vast draft text won’t derail Paris talks, says UN climate chief – See more at:
IPCC could conduct annual climate review, says Pachauri – See more at:
How Copenhagen Is Preparing For The Next Monster Storm
High marks — mostly — for Holder on environmental cases
Climate change threatens future of Australian outdoor summer sport
Lack of Action on Climate Change Is Costing Fishing Jobs
Obama’s balanced proposal on the environment
Opinion: Warm rains dictate new reservoirs
A new report just shot down a key argument against President Obama’s climate plans
Why climate scientists are right about how hot the planet is going to get
Man-made air pollution reduces Central America rainfall: study
Humans polluted the air long before Industrial Revolution, study finds
Climate Change a Greater Threat Than Terrorism, White House Says
Climate Is Big Issue for Hispanics, and Personal
Brazil climate change plan backfires, doubling steel emissions
OVERNIGHT ENERGY: Climate change a greater threat than terrorism?
Karl Grills Earnest Over Obama Comment That Climate Change Is Greater Threat Than Terrorism
Is Climate Change Worse Than Terrorism? WH Had Hell Of A Time Answering That One
Senate Democrats Embrace Governor’s Climate Change Goals
Is Climate Change Behind The Northeast’s Extreme Winter Storms?
California calls on pension funds to divest from coal in climate change push
Australian heat wave linked to climate change, report says
As Alaska warms, climate change an awkward subject for lawmakers
Forum on climate change postponed due to snow
GOP avoids showdown over EPA climate change rules

Read more:
Panel Urges Research on Geoengineering as a Tool Against Climate Change
What the massive snowfall in Boston tells us about global warming
Scientists Are Pretty Terrified About These Last-Minute Fixes to Global Warming
No, Adjusting Temperature Measurements Is Not a Scandal
Top 10 Global Warming Lies That May Shock You
Paris Talks Won’t Limit Global Warming to Less than 2 Degrees C
Global Warming May Boost Dead Zones in Oceans
Controversial Plan of ‘Geoengineering’ To Stop Global Warming Could Be In The Works
Don’t Block the Sun to Cope with Global Warming
The Authoritative Hispanic View of Global Warming
Take steps to curb global warming
Global warming may spawn more U.S. tornadoes
Australia’s scorching 2013 heat record was ‘virtually impossible’ without global warming
A 23-year experiment finds surprising global warming impacts already underway
Global Warming–Friendly Proves Moneymaker for Restaurants

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