Global Warming Updates January 1, 2014

Climate Changes Updates 1 January 2014

1)   Maurice Newman’s flat-earth thinking ignores climate change facts

2)   Malawian Farmers Say Adapt To Climate Change Or Die

3)   Climate Change Will Cause “Staggering” Changes to the Deep Sea

  • Dems want hearings on natural gas, climate change

5)   Tony Abbott’s new year’s resolution: disavow climate change extremist Maurice Newman

6)   Clinton Blasts ‘Inequality’ and ‘Climate Change’ Before Inaugurating NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio

7)   Children of the Jet Stream: Parenting in an Age of Climate Change

8)   Perdido Beach mayor on Obama’s Task Force on Climate Change

9)   Australia, ‘hostage to climate change madness’? To say so is madness indeed

10)                    Cars or coal? Scientists split over main culprit of Beijing’s air pollution


  • China launches fifth carbon trading zone


  • Warming climate could push Amazon region into further poverty

13)                    The eight champions of climate change in the US in 2013

14)                    Top US Clean Energy and Climate Breakthroughs in 2013

15)                    Outrage Over Climate Inaction Reaches Fever Pitch in 2013


  • Why 2014 is a critical year for the politics of climate change


  • UK’s chief climate scientist honoured by government



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  1. CO2 is what the pntlas need to live. The pntlas need CO2 as much as u need oxygen. If U want to get real U need to stop breathing. CO2 is a very heavy Gas and is on the ground where the pntlas can get it. It is so heavy we use it to smother a fire. There is very little in the oceans. Try to put salt in a carbonated beverage. It will release almost all the CO2.Actually it is a scam to make money from the stupid.

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