Global Warming Updates January 10-12, 2014

Climate Changes Updates 10-12 January 2014

1)   Hey, America: Climate change is real

2)   CDC: Climate Change Increasing Korean Disease Rates

3)   Seal poo may hold clue to climate change

  • Public’s climate change concerns ‘shaped by weather outside’

6)   Emperor Penguins Forced To Climb Cliffs To Breed As Climate Change Causes Sea Ice To Melt

7)   Row over BBC climate change conference ‘cover up’

8)   With Climate Change, Pacific Northwest Farmers will Need to Adjust Cropping Strategies

9)   Diane Abbott joins UNICEF climate change discussions

10)                    Time to end the silly talk about climate change

11)                    ‘Climate change deniers’ and partying too hard: What Mayor Heartwell said at his State of the City

12)                    Scientists back Cameron over a link between flooding and climate change

13)                    Dear Climate Change Deniers, Meet Australia’s Wildfire-Raging, Bat-Killing, Kangaroo-Fainting, iPad-Melting Heat Wave

14)                    Flooding chaos is down to David Cameron, not climate change

15)                    Climate Change Threatens East Africa’s Food Security

17)                    Global climate change brings big public health challenges, CDC scientist says


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