Global Warming Updates January 11-15,2013

Climate Changes Updates 11-15 January

1.   Novel Approach to Track Migration of Arctic-Breeding Avian Species

2.   Eastern Europe: Tree Rings Reveal Climate Variability and Human History

3.   Climate Change May Benefit Most Mammals That Live in Northern Europe’s Arctic and Sub-Arctic Land Areas in Short Run

4.   Global Warming Has Increased Monthly Heat Records Worldwide by a Factor of Five, Study Finds

5.   Environmental Impact of Insecticides On Water Resources: Current Methods of Measurement and Evaluation Show Shortcomings

6.   Gas That Triggers Ozone Destruction Revealed

7.   Bugs Reveal the Richness of Species On Earth

8.   Salinization of Rivers: A Global Environmental Problem

9.   Francois Hollande accused of climate change hypocrisy

10.                     UN climate chief says domestic climate laws will underpin 2015 deal

11.                     UK climate chief warns of ‘unpleasant’ organisations blocking action

12.                     ‘Black carbon’ rated as second largest cause of global warming

13.                     Harvard academic: Obama unlikely to make climate a priority

14.                     Former Met Office chief says 2°C climate target missed

15.                     Climate change nation: Evidence of impact visible across US

16.                     Climate policy benefits could take decades to emerge – research

17.                     Clean energy investment retreated in 2012 despite China surge

18.                     Get set to swelter again as mercury starts to rise

19.                     Extremes of rain, heat on the way

20.                     Scorching heat set to make a return

21.                     Climate change damage can be limited by carbon cuts: study

22.                     Ono you don’t: Yoko fights fracking

23.                     Climate-change denial feels the heat

24.                     Cool change sparks hope as firefighters battle to control blazes

25.                     Hot spell may sway sceptics

26.                     Slowing global warming no cause for complacency

27.                     Heat, flood or ice, extreme weather savages the planet

28.                     Cool! Heat eases – but mercury will rise again–but-mercury-will-rise-again-20130111-2ck1g.html

29.                     El Salvador Prioritizes Geothermal Energy Development

30.                     Draft National Climate Assessment Released

31.                     The Rise of Mammals in a Warming Land

32.                     Arctic Sea Ice Decline and Ice Export Between Greenland and Svalbard

33.                     Organic Farming Expands, Contributes to Sustainable Food Security

34.                     Tea 2030 group aims to protect the humble cuppa from climate threats

35.                     WWF: Businesses in danger of missing climate cuts ‘window’

36.                     Reports offer stark warnings over rising climate threats

37.                     Policy makers gather in London for international climate summit

38.                     Wildfires across Australia and the US’s hottest year on record: the heat that’s making history

39.                     NASA To Send ATTREX Probe Over Pacific To Study Changing Climate

40.                     Ocean Heat Came Back to Haunt Australia

41.                     2012 Shatters the US Temperature Record. Fox, Watts, and Spencer Respond by Denying Reality



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